Posted on October 10th, 2013, read 1,141 times

Since this is my first writing on the “Business Side”, I feel the need to explain why I am doing it.
I have worked for various small to medium size companies, and throughout the years I have grown a critical eye for this stuff. I honestly feel that I can point out, in just every company I have worked for, where they are failing, and maybe give suggestions on how they can change things for the better.

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Understanding how Agile works

Posted on March 29th, 2013, read 3,024 times

Someone asked on LinkedIn: What data (quantitative) will you present to a CEO in adopting Agile/SCRUM? (It works is not enough)

Alternatively, I presented an idea using an approach that no one had yet suggested.

Instead of trying to use Agile number projections that you have no bases for, how about using their own past failures which would include financial numbers to convince the CEO (or any other executive for that matter) to give Agile a try?

Agile Metrics
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How to manage and organize Google Play Store account with multiple Android devices

Posted on March 20th, 2013, read 1,500 times

There are many things in life that take up our time, and being an organized person can help reduce the effort you put into managing matters that go on in our daily lives.

Managing my Google Play Store account started to become a problem for me once I added two tablets to my device collection/household. My wife and I each have an Android phone with separate Google Gmail accounts and we kept the tablets the same way, one for her, and the other for myself.

Android Devices
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Design without a Designer

Posted on February 19th, 2013, read 710 times

Maybe it’s just me, but I believe some companies have a completely misguided idea of what a user product should look like.

It is interesting to see how companies invest millions of dollars paying developers, QA’s, PO’s, and others to design and release products, without having any input from an actual web/graphics designer.

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YOU Follow – A Twitter Marketing Tool

Posted on January 17th, 2013, read 1,399 times

As I stated in my previous post, here is the new Greasemonkey Twitter application I just created. It’s called “YOU Follow” for obvious reasons, and it’s free! Since It’s free (under the GNU General Public License), I only ask that you please follow us on Twitter and share this page (you can use the social media buttons on the right side of the page) with your family, friends and colleagues.

YOU Follow (Beta)
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How to get more Twitter followers

Posted on January 16th, 2013, read 2,366 times

I noticed that my other blog ( is gaining twitter followers at a very slow rate. I don’t advertise – except through the blog itself – and thus we only have a few twitter followers, mostly are people that come to the website by themselves. I started to look for ways to get more people to follow us on twitter and it seems that the idea and strategy out there, is to follow other people and hope that they will follow you back, which usually happens in most in most cases.

Twitter bird
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Pattern Recognition and Logical Thinking

Posted on November 8th, 2012, read 1,750 times

The world is changing. Kids who are born today will grow up in an environment that could be totally different from those who were born 10 years ago, they will be exposed to so much new technology, and because of that, they will probably learn things very fast, and could eventually be labeled as “gifted”.

The question is, are they the exception or the new normal?

Young logical thinkers

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Disable app menu ads/notifications (Airpush SPAM) with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)

Posted on November 5th, 2012, read 865 times

As the Android operating system (OS) gains ground, companies started to think about how to increase their advertising revenue. With that thought, came the “Airpush” SPAM, the ad that pops up on the system’s notification bar.

An example of a regular app notification.
Android Notification Menu - App notification

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Agile by the book

Posted on October 30th, 2012, read 1,260 times

This past Friday I participated in a meeting where the new QA manager wanted to get a few things corrected without us knowing they were broken, and where I felt she made a lot of mistakes.

First and foremost, I believe everyone has the right to have an opinion, and suggest different processes and procedure changes when they see fit, but when you are in a room full of intelligent people, you cannot just assume that whatever you have to say has not been thought out, and/or pondered upon. People in that position should really try to understand the environment before thinking about changing it…

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Agile Activities – Daily scrum/stand-up

Posted on September 27th, 2012, read 898 times

Many non agile adopters will think that meeting daily is a waste of time, and resources. But they fail to understand one of the core principles of taking on Agile, which is “team ownership”.

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